'No downtime during cleaning'

‘I prefer to work with one team that has been on site several times’, Jan Cees Troost, plant supervisor at Air Liquide explains. Jan Cees is very enthusiastic about the speed and inventiveness that the Mourik Industry MCO team has applied to the project.

It revolves around cleaning the cooling tower without interrupting the cooling capacity for the hydrogen and carbon monoxide (CO) plant at the Air Liquide location in Bergen op Zoom. Over time, dirt is sucked into the cooling tower from the outside air, slowly reducing the cooling capacity. Segments of the cooling tower were previously replaced every eight to ten years during a turnaround, rather than cleaned, a time-consuming job that involves downtime. That had to change.

A decision was made to investigate whether maintenance would be possible during production. Mourik Industry MCO team devised a solution, and was up and running within a few days.

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Photo: Jan Kik, Mourik Industry MCO team and Jan Cees Troost, Air Liquide


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