MCO-Team cleans air condenser at OIE AG

The MCO team recently completed a project to clean the air-condenser (LuKo) at the OIE AG’s biomass combined heat and power plant in Neubrücke, Germany.
Heavily contaminated by a combination of limescale and wood dust, the condenser required cleaning. Cleaning with high-pressure water, acid and dry-ice had been attempted without satisfactory results. MCO Team provided a solution that worked. MCO applied a process known as MCO NJP Dry Cleaning, a method using sodium bicarbonate in combination with ‘high pressure’ air, maximum 4.0 bar to remove the contaminant without damaging the equipment. In doing so, the air flow increases, the cooling capacity increases and energy costs reduce. The cleaning process took four weeks to complete because of the stubborn contamination, and is very profitable for OIE AG, according to Alexander Collet: “By cleaning the LuKo, we can now generate more energy in the summer with the outside temperature is higher.” Satisfied with the cooperation, Alexander plans on working with the team again: “The contract, project management and invoicing were very professional and customer-oriented.”

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