Petrogas and MCO-Team work together

At first, it might seem an odd job for Petrogas, in an unexpected combination with MCO-Team. Yet this combination is strong enough to jointly enter a new market: supplying MCO-Team's cleaning systems for refrigerated banks to Petrogas' customers in the Middle East, through Research Cottrell Dry Cooling, a Belgian supplier of refrigerated banks.

Why Petrogas?

MCO-Team has a lot of experience in supplying cleaning systems, but is not equipped to offer projects where a lot of details need to be worked out already at the offer stage about the technology, quality assurance in the project, and the project approach. That is why MCO-Team involved Petrogas in this. Our customer turned out to be very impressed by Petrogas' professional, project-oriented organisation and quality system. A clear situation where 1+1 is more than 2.

What are we going to do?

Petrogas was awarded the contract and will manage the project: planning, preparation of test plans, and document flows to and from the customer. MCO team is deploying its staff to engineer the cleaning systems.

And beyond that?

As things stand, it won't be just one project. The next project is already in the pipeline and our client has expressed its intention to award this project to us in 2013 as well.


MCO Team is looking for enthusiastic colleagues!

We work for and together with leading customers, mainly in industry. We also like to go the extra mile and think along in terms of innovation and sustainability.